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Sri Lanka
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Aquaculture Technologies

“Creating a Sustainable Food Future”

Aquaculture Technologies after serving the aquaculture industry for several decades has decided to focus instead on its three parcels of lands situated near Keenjhar Lake on Main N5 highway besides Kalri Baghar Feeder Canal, near Chilya, Thatta, Sindh, Pakistan. Keenjhar Lake Lands 1 and 2 are on either side of Kalri Baghar Feeder on National Highway and Land 3 is 350 yards from N5. Aquaculture Technologies is based in Karachi, Sindh with 30 years hands on experience in Fish and shrimp culture. FREE FEASIBILITIES AND CONSULTANCY.

Aquaculture Technologies is a consultancy and service company, focused on the application of various technologies to improve productivity, efficiency and sustainability in Aquaculture, Agriculture and Aquaponics making farming more sustainable. To use Integrated Agriculture Aquaculture (IAA) systems which use all the available land, air, water, solar energy resources and food waste recycling. Our mission is ‘Creating a Sustainable Food Future’ and To Unlock the Potential of Nature to Improve the Quality of Life. Aquaculture Technologies will also assume a leadership role in operating our business in harmony with our community and the environment around us. We feel that a progressive farm can be operated with concern and consideration for the environment and neighbors. And Keenjhar Lake Lands are most ideal for implementing such projects.

We are not taking on any more projects in Pakistan and have limited our overseas projects which we may take on as a special case. 

At present, we are only interested in sale of our lands at Keenjhar Lake and helping buyers if interested, assist in setting up financially viable agriculture, aquaculture and allied Multi-projects. These projects are sustainable and use alternate clean energy resources and alternate feed sources. As no chemical fertilizers, insecticides or pesticides will be used, the produce will be ‘Organic’. If interested, each buyer would be given a 100 page Complete Feasibility Report on the potential of these lands and the possible revenues generated. We would also provide Free Consultancy for a maximum of 3 months. 

These projects include Cage Culture of fish, Biofloc fish and shrimp, Aquaponics, Horticulture, and allied optional projects. However, these lands can be turned into water parks or resorts as water from K B Feeder is approved with Keenjhar Lake just a few minutes drive away. 

Keenjhar Lake Lands for Sale

Form VII (2020 Judicial Order) Multiple Sustainable Agriculture, Aquaculture, Aquaponics and Horticulture Projects using wind and solar energy and alternate ecofriendly feeds and probiotics grown on site

Free Consultancy and Feasibility for Buyer

Main N5 Highway, 110 km from Karachi, unlimited water supply, Agro based or Lake Farmhouse or Water Park

Khalid Memon & Guest from Hawaii