12.5 Acre Keenjhar Lake Land ideal for Cage or In-Pond Raceway System (IPRS),

 Lake Farmhouse or Water Park 

New Computerized Form VII – 2020 Through ADC Thatta Judicial Order 


  • Keenjhar Lake Land One
  • 2.5 acres working area for raising bundhs, access, parking, residence, feed mill & storage, lab, equipment shed, filtration and aeration, 10 acres underwater.
  • 10.00 acres or 40,500 m2 area net Lake size depth 12 ft. minimum. 10% maximum surface area say 4,000 m2. 
  • Fish Cages 5mx 5m x 2.5m (0.5 above) = 50m3 = 160 cages x 50 m3 = 8,000 m3 (10% of surface area)
  • Minimum production per m2 depending on species = 20kg/m3/year x 8,000 m3 = 160,000 kg/year or over 150 acres production from conventional ponds
  • In-Pond Raceway System (IPRS), 8 cells x 200 m3 each = 1600 m3 x 75 kg/m3/year    = 120,000 kg/year
  • In-Pond Raceway System (IPRS), 8 cells x 200 m3 each = 1600 m3 x 150 kg/m3/year  = 240,000 kg/year
  • Tilapia, Rohu, Grass Carp, Catfish, Snakehead, Pacu in IPRS 
  • Almost year round production using sustainable alternate methods to heat water during winter
  • Alternate organic plant and animal feed production to reduce costs
  • Keenjhar Lake Land One is situated adjacent to Kalri Baghar Feeder Canal and is very scenic and breathtakingly beautiful area, probably the best in Sindh
Cage Culture Pros and Cons


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Keenjhar Lake Projects Rough Sketch