Red Sea Coast

Aquaculture Technologies is the leading Fish and Shrimp Farming Consultants in Pakistan and the Middle East covering freshwater, brackishwater and marine environment. Through years of hands-on-experience, Aquaculture Technologies offers its services to potential investors for complete setup of Fish & Shrimp farms and Aquaponic Gardens in the Thatta District of Sindh, Pakistan, whether Freshwater, Brackish water or Marine farming project. Our Chief Consultant, Mr. Khalid Memon has over 25 years of experience covering all forms of Aquaculture. Now our focus is on our Keenjhar Lake Lands for sale and assisting buyers by providing free feasibilities and free 3 month’s consultancy with various Organic fish, shrimp, fruit and vegetable and allied projects. Keenjhar Lake projects use alternate renewable energy resources and alternate plant and animal feed substitutes. 

Fish, Shrimp and freshwater Prawn farming is a profitable business and the scope in this field is enormous. We can provide turnkey solutions which include consultancy, site selection, purchase of suitable land, hatchery, fish seed, fish shrimp feeds, aeration, farm equipment, intensive culture, farm management and marketing. Species include Carps, Catfish, Barramundi, Giant Freshwater Prawns. Tilapia & Hybrids and other exotic species. Farming methods can be extensive or semi-intensive or both. Good Aquaculture Practices (GAP / GMP) with proper Aquaculture Certification and an onsite Processing Plant will pave the way for Exports to all parts of the World.

At present, we are only interested in sale of our Keenjhar Lake lands and helping buyers if interested, assist in setting up financially viable sustainable agriculture, aquaculture and allied Multi-projects.